Custom Breastmilk Soap

Custom Breastmilk Soap

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- One batch of breastmilk soap includes 6-4 oz flower-shaped bars. You are more than welcome to order up to 3 batches made with your breastmilk. Please consider the amount of milk you'll need to send for multiple batches.

- All I need is 2-4oz of your milk per batch, preferred FROZEN to ship.
- These are cold processed soaps so they do not contain glycerin and dont require refrigeration.

- Our custom breastmilk soap is cold processed and need a cure time of 4 weeks for your custom order.

- If you need to order multiple items from our shop, please purchase them separately. Other items ship immediately, your custom breastmilk soap will ship 5 weeks from the time we receive your milk. 
- You're free to choose from my small selection of essential oil for scent.

- You may also choose no color (neutral) or between soft pastels (blue, pink, yellow, green).
- I don't recommend soap for your baby under 6 months.

- Buyer is responsible for postage and shipping of their breatmilk. Should your milk arrive sour, damaged, etc the buyer is to reship milk. No refunds are given in cases of shipping mishandling.

- Within 24 hours of checkout, you'll receive an email containing the address to send your milk and sending instructions.