Zen Bath Tea

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Cheers to a mini-retreat of self-love and -care for your busy life ♡

The amount of effort required to get through a normal day can be enormous.  Strict timelines, juggling schedules, and navigating potential conflicts can allow stress to insinuate itself into our bodies as well as our minds.  

A warm bath can be a retreat where you create a quiet space in the midst of your modern life.  Resting in the water you instantly feel lighter and the burden of your day begins to lift. A gentle aroma from our Soaking Salts adds a layer of relaxation and you notice a softness begin to seep into your muscles and joints.  

Accept and embrace the calm that arises from this oasis and carry it with you.

If you would like a little additional pampering for your mini-retreat, try our new line of face masks.  Simply apply before getting into the bath.


Instructions for use:

Simply add a couple of tablespoons of our Soaking Salts to your tub as you run your bath.


Net Weight -

Big pouch- 6.5oz

Little pouch- 2 oz


Soaking Salt Ingredients:

Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Skin-Friendly Fragrance Oil, Cornflower, Marigold/Calendula, and Natrasorb.